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Monday, Monday…

May 18, 2009

photoDo you ever have those nights where you toss and turn and are void of sleep for no reason at all? This was me last night. I was up at 4am having a very early breakfast (one of my not-quite-yet-ripe bananas I purchased yesterday – the slightly green ones are my favorite!), back to sleep by 6, which then caused me to sleep till 11. Oh routine, I miss you.

I did manage to get back on track with a delicious lunch a little after 1pm: 2 servings of Green Giant Healthy Weight veggies (black beans, lima beans, sugar snap peas, carrots & edamame!) and a Gorton’s Cajun Blackened fillet which I shredded and wrapped with a large leaf of romaine lettuce = 281 calories… and quick! Who says you can’t have a good lunch in a hurry?

I’ll be honest. I was kind of dreading today as it was my first scheduled strength training day of the new and improved schedule. I don’t know why, but I hate strength training. Don’t get me wrong… I love feeling strong and looking sculpted but it’s been a real challenge for me to get a good strength workout in on my own.swissball I don’t have a gym membership and the only “equipment” I have at my house consists of freeweights and resistance bands. (I HAD a swiss ball that I used for pushups and ab work until one day when my cat used it to catch his fall with his claws outstretched, and now my swiss ball is of the very deflated, very sad-panda variety.)

Today, I decided I’d try the Crunch Bootcamp workout on Netflix’s Watch Instantly feature. About 15 minutes into it, my internet connection gave out leaving me on my own with a high heart rate. I decided I’d revert to a circuit-style workout: 3 mins of cardio, 2 mins of weights, and 1 min of abs. For cardio, I alternated jumping jacks, butt-kicks a la Jillian Michaels (basically a jog where you literally try to kick your own butt), and stationary boxing. For weights, I alternated chest press, chest flys, tricep extensions, and lunges with weights. Finally for abs, I alternated straight crunches, twisting crunches, and reverse crunches (holding weights straight up toward the ceiling while keeping your legs straight and lifting them up toward your weights). I cycled through the circuits for about 30 minutes, but they can certainly be tailored to longer workouts, too!

I’m always open to new ideas regarding strength-training routines. What do you do to build lean muscle?


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