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Stretching it out (and Recipe Tuesday)

May 20, 2009

If it wasn’t already obvious that I hadn’t done strength training in awhile, my body certainly gave me a good reminder when I woke up incredibly sore. Not so much my legs, biceps or triceps, but my… pectorals? (Thank you, chest flys!) I was telling this to my friend this morning and the following exchange ensued:

Amanda: I mean, what are pectorals for anyway?
Friend: …Looking goooood. (flex)

But, seriously. I had to look it up. According to Wikipedia, the Pectoralis Major has three actions:

It flexes the humerus, as in throwing a ball side-arm, and in lifting a child. It also adducts the humerus, as when flapping arms. It also rotates the humerus medially, as occurs when arm-wrestling.

Heh, the more you know.

lunchThankfully, today was my rest day and I decided to do a Candlelight Yoga routine (great for beginners!) I discovered several months ago. I feel refreshed and rejuvenated …and I’m loving my idea of following strength days with yoga days. Brilliant!

What’s on the menu?

Have you tried the Kashi frozen entrees? I had the Southwest Style Chicken for lunch today (with a side of apple wedges): grilled chicken marinated in lime juice, cumin and olive oil, served over 7 whole grains pilaf, tossed with fire roasted onions and corn, green and red peppers and topped with southwestern sauce that adds a bit of a kick! Not only was it delicious (more than it looks, trust me), the whole meal was super quick (4.5 mins cooking time) and totaled 321 calories (apple wedges included).

Tonight’s dinner is one of my favorite standbys, thanks to HG: Kickin’ Chicken Pot Pie!


  • 8 oz. raw boneless skinless chicken breast; cut into bite-sized pieces
  • 3 cups frozen mixed vegetables
  • 1 can (10.75 oz.) Campbell’s Condensed Soup, 98% Fat Free Cream of Chicken
  • 4 servings Pillsbury Reduced Fat Crescent Rolls (unprepared)


potpiePreheat oven to 350 degrees. Saute chicken pieces (I like to add in some fresh garlic) for several minutes in a pan spritzed with nonstick cooking spray, until chicken is light brown/cooked but still tender; set aside. Heat frozen veggies in microwave according to package. (I like to sprinkle them with basil and parsley while they’re cooking.) Mix chicken, vegetables and soup together and put in a 9″ round baking dish sprayed with nonstick cooking spray. Place dish in oven and bake for about 30 minutes or until hot and bubbly (stir about halfway through). While dish is cooking, unroll 4 crescent rolls. Combine pieces together with hands to make one large ball of dough. With a rolling pin, roll dough out into a circle to cover top of dish (or cut into strips for a makeshift lattice). Add dough to the top of the dish and cook for an additional 15 – 20 minutes or until top is golden brown. (Serves 4 at 313 calories a serving – can’t beat that!)


P.S. Tomorrow, May 20 is National Employee Health and Fitness Day. Check out my article on for ideas of how to celebrate with your employees and co-workers.

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