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On the road again…

June 1, 2009
Sorry for those pesky lines in the picture!

(Sorry for those pesky lines!)

I’mΒ  hitting the road this afternoon, headed South for my hometown… excited to see my family and celebrate my cousin’s graduation! I hope to have lots of pictures to share along the way.

I succeeded this week in clearing out most of the perishables in the house, so with nothing left in the kitchen I made a quick stop at the market yesterday to pick up two small white peaches (68 calories) and a bottle of Sparkling Key Lime water (0 calories). I needed a quick breakfast on the run while I tied up some loose ends and a sparkling peach slushie sounded like the perfect treat.

This morning, as I was checking my email I noticed one from I subscribe to their email newsletters which are informative for the most part, but due to lack of time and an overwhelming inbox, more times than not they get skimmed then tossed aside. Today’s article on metabolism, however, caught my eye. Prevention has put together a quick quiz on metabolism myths with some pretty eye opening facts you may or may not have known. Test your knowledge, here! How did you measure up?

Good day!


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