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Living well in the ATL: pt. deux (and part of three)

June 4, 2009

The downside of trying to pack so much into four days is… well, just that. Something’s going to get slighted. There are friends I missed seeing and of course my twitter/blogging is falling to the wayside. It’s almost 1pm into day three and I’m just now catching up on day two… but, of course all this really means that I’m following through on one of my traveling goals: to be in the moment. I’m really enjoying my time here.

photo(8) photo(7) photo(6)

So far, the weather has been amazing and I’m totally spoiled. The majority of our meals have either been eaten out in restaurants or cooked on my dad’s monster grill and enjoyed in my parents’ lush, green backyard.

For Tuesday lunch, I heated up some leftover marinated and grilled veggies (onions, squash, bell peppers) with a grilled chicken breast covered in a wedge of Light Laughing Cow Swiss cheese. I washed it down with two glasses of water and followed it with a 98% fat-free, sugar-free ice-cream sandwich. Tuesday night, my dad and I went to see Star Trek and dined at a fabulous Mexican place called La Parilla afterward. I ordered the Baja Veggie Fajitas with carrots, broccoli, zucchini, onions, peppers, celery, and cauliflower which was ridiculously good. I had two corn tortillas with that and about 1tbsp of guacamole.

photo(5)For most meals, I try to strike a good balance between carbs, veggies and protein, but Wednesday my body was all about the carbs. Yesterday morning, I sat in on one of my mom’s presentations at the Board of Education. She’s been a facilitator for years, but this was the first time I was able to see her in action so even though it required me to be out the door by 8am, I was really excited at the opportunity. For breakfast, I needed something filling and fast to ensure that I would be happy and on time. πŸ™‚

I heated up 1/2 cup plain oats, seasoned with salt & pepper, and grabbed a 100-calorie sandwich thin. I spread one wedge of Light Laughing Cow Swiss cheese (35 cals) over both sides, sliced up a roma tomato (~7 cals) and put the two open-faced sandwich-esque breakfast in the toaster. When it was done, I sprinkled some dried basil on top.Β  It ended up being too much for me, so I gave the other half with my mom. She agreed that it was a delicious experiment and definitely a keeper at less than 150 calories! (The oatmeal was an additional 140 cals.)

photo(4)After the three-hour presentation, we were famished! The City Cafe was right around the corner with newly constructed outdoor seating. The weather was perfect, so we stood the extra wait for a perfect spot outside.

As hungry as I was and as good as the menu looked, it took a few minutes, but I finally settled on the tomato & mozzarella sandwich with basil mayo on foccacia bread. I probably should’ve substituted a side salad for the roasted potatoes (more carbs – argh!) but I didn’t. I ate one full half and then the tomatoes and cheese of the second half without the bread. I ate all but two potato wedges and washed it all downΒ  with three glasses of water with lemon. (Honestly, I have no idea about the caloric content and am a little scared to look it up. :()

After having what felt like a ton of bread and cheese that day, I insisted on grilling kabobs for dinner. I chopped up eggplant, squash, onions, tomatoes and cauliflower for the skewers and marinated shrimp and chicken in some Mrs. Dash 10-minute marinades. (We tried both the Mesquite BBQ – my fave! – and the Lemon Peppercorn.) Dad worked his grillin’ magic while mom made a very reasonable guitless strawberry shortcake for dessert (~160 cals per serving).

photo(3) photo(2)

I missed my Wednesday workout from being on-the-go all day so it felt really nice to kick off my Thursday with a run around the lake. Now we’re off to my cousin’s graduation reception and ceremony… pics of the celebration to come!

(Can anyone else believe it’s already JUNE 4th?!)


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