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Like sand through the hourglass

June 17, 2009

I cannot believe how fast time is flying. I thought back to my high school graduation the other day and remember people telling me to treasure my time in college for the older I got, the faster time would fly. Of course, back then we all rolled our eyes and said “yeah, yeah…” not knowing how true that really is.

lakephotoI looked at the calendar today and realized that the 5K I just registered for is in two weeks. I’m not too worried – This will be my 3rd 5K and I was really pleased with the progress I made during my 2nd race. My running this time around, however, has not been near as consistent and that’s what makes me a bit uneasy. Knowing that, there was nothing left to do this morning but go intoΒ  ‘carpe diem’ mode, lace up my tennis shoes and head to the lake.

I love running around the lake – partly because that’s the beginning of my story. On November 4, 2008 and roughly 66lbs ago, I mapped a route around the lake as part of my C25K training. I remember the freedom I felt walking around the lake in the fall when the trees were a bright mix of reds, yellows, and oranges. I remember the determination I felt, starting to jog in the winter; bundled up in 18 degree weather, admiring bare branches hanging over a frozen lake. And today, I love going back there to be surrounded by the lush greenery and to be reminded of the start of it all.

Since my running schedule has been a little off, I’m finding it difficult to regain my endurance. I know it’ll just take practice to get it back, but with a 316-calorie workout after 2.5 miles, I seemed satisfied enough to pack it up and head home.

What’s on the menu?

saladMy pre-workout breakfast was a hot bowl of old-fashioned oatmeal (1/2 cup oats at 150 cals). I usually buy the instant oats, but since these were a little cheaper at the store last week (I’m still not sure why) I changed my purchase up. I’m glad I did! I actually prefer the texture of the old-fashioned oats to the instant ones. My post-workout treat was a Strawberry Smoothie! 8 fresh strawberries (43 cals), 1 container of 80-calorie vanilla yogurt, a splash of diet cranberry juice (~5 cals) and several ice cubes.

For lunch, I chopped up about 5 romaine leaves (7 cals), a wedge of Laughing Cow Light Swiss Cheese (35 cals), and 1/4 tomato (9 cals). I sprinkled in 1 serving of the canned mandarin oranges in light syrup (draining them first, of course which I’m sure reduced the calories, but I’ll go by what the can said – 90 cals). I topped the whole salad off with 1.5 tbsp of Kraft Light Italian Dressing (19 cals) and had two servings of Saltines on the side (120 cals). I finished off the pitcher of my Cold Brew Lipton Iced Tea to wash it down. YUM. So good.

I was actually pretty impressed with my willpower to keep from “grazing” today. More times than not, since I work at home, I will find myself wanting to snack out of boredom. Not that I’m bored, but my mouth is. Plus, getting up and walking to the kitchen gives me a break from the computer.

photoSince I had all my Lipton Tea goodies on hand today, I went to beverages first instead of the fridge… and you know what? It worked. So for my snack time, I microwaved some water for about 4 minutes and I pulled out my box of Lipton White Tea with Island Mango & Peach flavor.

The second I unwrapped the box, I could smell the peach scent which, being originally from Georgia, excited my Southern roots. I took out one of the cute, little tea pyramids and poured the hot water over it into a glass. According to the box, you can drink it hot or cold, but this afternoon I tossed in several ice cubes to cool it down.Β  I’m planning to have another glass again tonight – it’s the quintessential summer drink! And again – with zero calories. What’s not to love?

For dinner, I went to Las Palmas for their grilled chicken salad AGAIN because a) I was hungry, b) it was cheap, and c) it was quick and close by. I actually splurged a little on chips and salsa too, since the rest of my day was really low-cal.

In other news… two more days till Freebie Friday and I can finally spill the beans on the secret I’ve been keeping. I can’t wait to share the fun offer I’ve been working with! You’ll love it, I promise.

Stay tuned!!


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