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Here comes the… chocolate

June 27, 2009

Happy weekend! This is one of those rare weekends where I don’t have anything scheduled. In fact, the only thing that I had planned for this weekend was attending a friend’s wedding, which I did tonight.

When I woke up this morning, I was delighted to realize that my sore throat was mostly gone! (The only thing left behind is a tiny cough that I becomes more noticeable if I don’t stay hydrated… and that’s not all bad as I can always use reminders to drink more water.) I was feeling pretty great about my progress of overcoming a plateau this week and decided to head out for another 3-mile run. (For those keeping track, I have 4 miles to go to meet my mini-challenge goal.)

This was my first run to try out my new Belkin iPhone armband and I’m officially in love. I never once felt like it was going to fall off or cut off my circulation. It didn’t move throughout my entire run and allowed my mind to focus on other things like breathing and form rather than worrying about whether or not my iPhone was going to fall out of my pocket.

What’s on the menu?

capresesaladI won’t bore you with breakfast, since I seem all too fascinated with my old-fashioned oats with cinnamon and splenda strawberries lately. Instead of hot tea though, I tried a Dunkin Donuts coffee sample I was sent yesterday. I know a lot of people swear by it, but wow. I’m thinking I either made it too strong or maybe it’s just that I’ve had more tea than coffee lately. Either way… potent stuff!

It was HOT out there today and after my run, I drank what seemed like 4 glasses of water to cool down. I knew I had to eat lunch, but filling up on liquids I wanted something light. Publix had a sale on Morningstar burgers last week and I noticed a recipe on the back of the Tomato Basil Pizza Burger box: Tomato Basil Burger Caprese Salad. I had most of the ingredients and knew I could sub out the stuff I didn’t have fairly easily.

Instead of the balsamic-basil vinaigrette salad dressing, I substituted Kraft Light Zesty Italian Dressing and instead of the fresh mozzarella, I used one wedge of Laughing Cow Light Swiss Cheese. All in all, the salad came to a light and delicious 189 calories – the Lipton Cold Brew tea, of course adding 0 cals. πŸ™‚ I also heated up a baked potato with 1 tbsp of Land O Lakes Whipped Butter for an additional 170 calories and later on for a snack, I had a small apple with reduced-fat peanut butter.

For dinner, I heated up a Kashi Southwest Style Chicken frozen meal. I love Kashi products and this one did not disappoint. With fire roasted onions, corn, and green & red peppers, it is one of the most flavorful “TV dinners” I’ve had to-date.

I designed the programs. Didn't they turn out good? :)

I designed the programs. Didn't they turn out good?

After my quick dinner, it was time to get dolled up and head to my friend, Allie’s wedding at The Factory. Their ceremony was gorgeous and the location was uniquely decorated with branches wrapped with twinkle lights. Afterward, there was a heavy hors d’oeuvres buffet set up along with a candy table for take-home souvenirs.

receptionplateEven though I was sure to save a good amount of calories for the desserts tonight, I learned my lesson from my Allie’s bridal shower and went for the fruit first. I had two slices of honeydew melon,Β  three slices of kiwi, a few chunks of pineapple, a few cheese cubes, three truffles from Schakolad (I couldn’t resist!), and a brownie.

I also had two glasses of fruit tea with Splenda. There were two fruit tea pitchers; one had a sign that said “with sugar” and the other said “with Splenda”. I loved that Allie planned ahead for her sugar-conscious guests.

Because I’d gone overboard on the chocolate, I (sadly) decided to abstain from the wedding cupcakes and instead filled a bag with a couple scoops from the candy buffet to go.

I feel really good about the choices that I’ve made this week and I’m anxiously looking forward to my weekly wrap-up and weigh-in tomorrow. Here’s hoping for a loss! Only time will tell.

Till tomorrow!


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