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Messy meals

June 29, 2009

In an effort to stretch my dollars a little longer in between grocery trips, I always inevitably run into that awkward time where I’m out of meal essentials like breads and meats, but still have enough veggies that need to be used before spoiling. Today just so happened to land right in the middle of one these times.

When I went to Aldi last week, I was shocked at the good quality and cheap prices of their produce so I grabbed a tray of zucchini (3 large) and a package of Roma tomatoes (6 of them!). I try to keep a bag of onions on hand as I love to saute and mix them in with just about everything and knew I had a few left in the fridge. Since I had no plans today, I decided to break out of my meal routine and get a little creative.

What’s on the menu?

photoBreakfast: I cut a zucchini squash in half and ran it over a mandolin slicer (avoiding any accidents this time!!) till I had about 1 cups worth in slices. I sauteed those with 1/2 a medium onion that I’d chopped up along with 1 Roma tomato. I sprinkled pepper and a little garlic salt and let the ingredients cook down a bit. Finally, I poured in 1/2 cup of egg whites and carefully mixed it all together. I also sliced up a baked potato and pan-seared them with pepper.

To drink, I enjoyed a glass of Lipton’s Raspberry-Lime Revitalize Tea. A messy looking breakfast, but ridiculously filling at 236 calories.

veggieburgerLunch: I heated up the last Green Giant veggie pouch I had on hand (sliced yellow carrots, white navy beans and chopped spinach in a garlic herb sauce at 180 cals) and a Morningstar Tomato Basil Pizza burger (120 cals).Β  I wrapped the veggie burger in a large romaine lettuce leaf with a light layer of Kraft light mayo. The entire meal came to approximately 350 calories.

veggiespaghettiDinner: Tonight the plan was to have a casual dinner at home and watch our newest Netflix arrival, Clerks 2. It was suggested that we have spaghetti since there’s an insane amount of in the house, but I’ve never been a big pasta eater so I modified the old Italian dish a bit for myself. I cooked two chicken tenderloins with garlic powder and pepper. Then I sliced the remaining zucchini and another small onion like I did earlier. I threw the veggies in with the chicken with a little oregano and let them cook until most of the water had evaporated and the zucchini was starting to brown. Then I tossed the mixture with 1/2 cup of Barilla Roasted Garlic pasta sauce and topped with some reduced-fat Parmesan cheese. Another mess of a meal (that probably would’ve looked better had I stirred it after I took the picture), but still SOΒ  good. And all in the ballpark of 305 calories! Oh vegetables, how I love you. I ended up finishing off my bag of potatoes as well, by baking one to accompany this dish.



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