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Starting the week off with limbs of jello

April 5, 2010

With “workout” on my to-do list for Monday, I had no solid plans of fitting one into my schedule until I received a text from a friend at 9:30 Sunday night saying “See you at the gym at 6:30am?” I groaned, because working for myself usually means waking up naturally and starting work (still in pajamas, of course) while leisurely sipping on a cup of coffee. But at any rate, I agreed.

I showed up a few minutes late and somehow ended up missing my friend all together. It ended up being fine though, because I was there and that’s honestly half the battle for me.

After finding a locker and securing my belongings, I headed to a treadmill and started walking at a warm-up pace. I’ve been using my C25K app and staying within the first week… not because I want to continue “training,” but rather because I find it’s really helpful for walking/running cues. Plus it integrates music into the app and nothing gets me in a running zone quite like Groove Armada’s I See You Baby. After 30 minutes and a little over 2 miles, I cooled down, stretched, and headed to the weight machines we’d covered in my first 3N1 meeting.

My trainer said since I want to create more toned muscles I need to do more reps with less weight. He suggested three reps of 10-15 on each machine. After the first two reps on the first machine though, I realized how tired I was and decided to only focus on upper body today and save the lower body machines for tomorrow. My accomplishments this morning consisted of 30 lat pulldowns, 30 chest presses, and 30 overhead presses. The rowing and ab machines were occupied at the time so those will have to wait till later, too.

Between that and the backs of my thighs still a bit sore from Saturday’s yoga work, I’m feeling like my limbs are made of jello. Worth it! πŸ˜‰

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