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Well, this is awkward.

April 5, 2016

I’m not sure what prompted me to dust off this ol’ blog, but here we are… six years later to the day! Imagine my creeped out surprise when I saw the last blog post-dated April 5. Kismet?

To say a lot has changed in 6 years would be an understatement, so maybe I should start by saying little has stayed the same. From a laparoscopy procedure in 2009, fighting depression in 2010, a freak hospital stay in 2011 (which led to countless visits withΒ hemotologists, oncologists and a lot of other -gists leading nowhere), to quickly being followed by a diagnosis of psoriatic arthritis in 2011 and prescriptions of steroids and biologic injections in 2012 (whew)… things finally started looking up in 2013 when my pain became manageable and my wonderful (patient!) husband and I were married in October.

Fast forward three years later when my weight has yo-yo’d up and down for a good majority of life (no thanks to the bevvy of meds), I am now in my mid-30s and I am cringing about things I posted on Amanda Lives Well. To think about how obsessed I was with numbers and counting calories… and wondering why no one stopped me. Life is too short to treat yourself so harshly.

Today, my husband and I eat paleo. For me, I have discovered that stress and gluten are autoimmune triggers and this lifestyle complements my body well. I love to cook and enjoy spending time researching real food substitutions for recipes that accommodate paleo-ish standards and the dietary concerns of my friends who are gluten/soy/dairy/egg-free. Yes, we own a scale, but as for importance of numbers? Blood pressure > BMI. Cholesterol > Calories. I’d rather be HEALTHY than “normal” by society’s standards.

And there’s your introduction to Hip Nomelson! Rather than tearing apart calories and processed shortcuts, I am refocusing on Real Food solutions. And writing about my journey here.

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